Heng Kee Wan Tan Mee

Location: Mydin Emporium Klang Jalan Pos Baru, Kawasan 15, Klang

Charlie Brown Cafe, Tsim Sha Tsui

The Charlie Brown Cafe is definitely a good choice for hanging out, chit-chat with a bunch of friends, or coming alone to have a cup of Cappuccino while surfing the net. No matter you're a snoopy fan or not, I'm sure you'll get attracted by the surrounding cartoon figures.

For those who love to take photo with Snoopy or Charlie Brown, this is a hot-spot that you can't miss! Especially cam-whores like me... Hahaha

查理布朗咖啡店, Tsim Sha Tsui  |  27 March '2010  |  2300 - 0100

Travel Horoscope | Leo

Leo (23 July - 22 August)
The majestic and royal Leos love to holiday in style. They don't like roughing it out on holidays like trekking or cycling but instead want to be pampered with good body massage or pedicure / manicure.

They would stretch their pockets to include luxury cruise or five star stays. Holiday to east would be their natural choice.

# Credits to Leisure Travel | Issue 01

Travel Horoscope | Cancer

Cancer (22 June - 22 July)
Cancerians are always happy when they are near water. They would love to swim, sail or boat on holidays. Water has an added attraction for them. They are not very adventurous so they normally keep visiting the same destination year after year. But they never get bored.

So, a trip to a well-known place, one that's good for the whole family, is likely to appeal to this astrological sign of the Zodiac.

# Credits to Leisure Travel | Issue 01

Wat Rong Khun, Chiang Rai

Wat Rong Khun (วัดร่องขุ่น) a.k.a. White Temple is a contemporary unconventional buddhist and Hindu temple in Chiang Rai, Thailand. It become a national landmark and one of the most recognizable temples in the country, attracts an increasingly large number of visitors every year.

A totally 'Not to be missed hot spot' in Chiang Rai. Strongly recommended~

Wat Rong Khun, Chiang Rai  |  23 September '2008  |  1100 - 1230


Who can miss a chance flying to Macau with just RM 45/way? We booked the flight to Macau... and came back from Hong Kong. My family and I had a great getaway, below are Macau's snapshot...

Macau, China  |  22 March '2010

Reaching Macau early in the morning

@ Senado Square

@ Ruins of St. Paul (I feel like singing Juk Kwan Hou here, Lolx)

A rock pillar @ Ruins of St. Paul

Another view from Ruins of St. Paul

@ Margaret's Cafe E Nata

@ Margaret's Cafe E Nata

2 Egg Tarts Ambassador

 Egg Tart @ Margaret's Cafe E Nata (Strongly recommended)

@ Entrance of A-Ma Temple

I Heart this one... Lolx

@ New Century Hotel (Unbelievable RM 150/night at a 5 Stars Hotel)

Greek Mythology ambiance

Greek Mythology ambiance

Even the Hair Salon signage does attracts me.. Lolx

Cutie Nephew Wen Foong

Cutie Nephew Wen Foong

Travel Horoscope | Gemini

Gemini (21 May - 21 June)
Geminis love to travel a lot with their friends or relatives with whom they can talk to. Mercury their ruling planet wants constant interaction and mental stimulation. They get bored easily, therefore they prefer to go on a package tour. Geminis would probably pack their cell phones, books, magazines and novels on holidays.

# Credits to Leisure Travel | Issue 01

Travel Horoscope | Taurus

Taurus (20 Apr - 20 May)
The lush and rolling hills are ideal for holidaying for the Taureans. Good comfortable living is their number one priority. Everything is pre-planned from ticket booking to hotel reservations. Basically they are homebodies and so travelling to unknown places is not preferred by them. They feel safe holidaying in familiar surroundings.

# Credits to Leisure Travel | Issue 01

Broga Hills, Semenyih

After a few postpones, finally we've made it! My colleagues + friends + me were in the trip up to Broga Hills. This is my 2nd time up the hills and I reached up till 3rd point. Nothing special actually... but let's check out how I captured the ordinary scene into extraordinary photos... L0lx

Broga Hills, Semenyih  |  17 April '2010  |  0530 - 0900

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